Hello, my name is James Froggatt and I live in France with my partner and two children.

I have a doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and have have been an IT professional for over 25 years. I have worked for many large organisations such as the Human Genome Mapping Project in Hinxton (UK) as chief web developer, programmer and designer.

I am able to offer you a range of highly professional services including;

Website development:

Over the years I have designed and developed many websites, ranging from simple single page websites, to thousands of pages. I understand e-commerce systems, and can develop full database driven websites if you wish.

I am a full stack developer, meaning I can program most key languages used in the creation of fully professional websites like AirBnb and Facebook.

Programming services:

Many professional business websites (generally not simple WordPress sites) require a lot more skill and attention to create the dynamic functionality needed to support users in the best way possible.

I am a full-stack developer, which means a single person (me) is able to write all the code needed for your personally required functionality. Such programming would include things like custom booking forms, dyanmic customised database driven websites, and e-commerce systems.

I am proficient in languages such as PHP/ SQL/ MySQL (MySQLi & PDO)/ HTML/ CSS/ MT4/ MT5 (Metatrader programming languages)/ Python & Keras (Tensorflow), as well as common methodologies such as AJAX.

I am also proficient in perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of web businesses design, which is database design. A database underlying a web business is perhaps the most important aspect of a web business. It defines your business logic, and when properly done, a database will very likely out-live any web development that uses it. I am proficient in database normalization (1NF, 2NF, 3NF, 4NF) and also the creation of ERD’s (Entity Relationship Diagrams) to plan the structure of your database before coding it in SQL.

All these systems of programmed with SECURITY in mind, a key aspect that so many programmers don’t even understand. Neglecting security is a sure way for your website and data, and therefore your business to be destroyed in a second by a malicious hacker.

Website security & Ethical hacking:

Website security is perhaps the most important aspect of any programming project. Coding a website is one thing, to ensure that your site is inpenetrable to malicious hackers is a whole new world of skill. It is however the most essential aspect to coding within the web domain.

Without due skills, care and attention to security, even just one line of sloppy code in your business platform can easily result in all your data, and so hard work being stolen. Furthermore, this can easily result in your website itself being destroyed or malicious code being uploaded to your server.

I am a trained ‘ethical hacker’ which means I understand the vulnerabilities and injection points within a website. It’s only by understanding this, that websites can be coded in a way to protect your business.