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<body class="theSite"> <header>Header goes here</header> <main class="content">Main context of site here</main> <footer>Footer goes here</footer> </body> ... and the css .theSite { display: flex; min-height: 100vh; flex-direction: column; } .content {…

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XAMPP – MySQL shutdown unexpectedly. This works 2022-05

Rename the folder mysql/data to mysql/data_old (you can use any name)Create a new folder mysql/dataCopy the content that resides in mysql/backup to the new mysql/data folderCopy all your database folders that are in mysql/data_old to mysql/data (skipping the mysql, performance_schema, and phpmyadmin folders from data_old)Finally copy the ibdata1 file from mysql/data_old and…

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MySQL operations

Change a table name ALTER TABLE old_table RENAME new_table; Move a table from one database to another CREATE TABLE new_database_name.new_table_name LIKE original_database_name.original_table_name; INSERT new_database_name.new_table_name SELECT * FROM original_database_name.original_table_name; Difference between…

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