Installing XAMPP server on a Windows 10 machine (Apache, MySQL, PHP)

  1. Download XAMPP from
  2. Install the file downloaded, just ‘yes’ or ‘ok’ any warning that appears and leave all the defaults for the installation. E.g. I’m not using JSP but have left ‘Tomcat’ as an install. I’d rather have everything in case there are any dependencies (which I doubt there are but there you go).
  3. At the end of the installation the XAMPP control panel will open.

Now click start on the services you want on the server, in my case I want Apache and MySQL.

Above we can see Apache is running on port 80. To check it’s working, type: http://localhost:80 in your browser. You will then see the XAMPP page.

To test your server further, go to c:\xampp (assuming you installed this in the default folder during installation, and go to the folder ‘htdocs’ (this is the folder where websites you create and test should go)

Create a folder ‘test_site’ as below

and in that folder create a page called test.php and save it in that folder. The following is the code for test.php.

   <h2><?php echo "Hello. Today is " . date('l'); ?>.</h2>

Now navigate to

If all is well you should see the following (depending on what day you’re doing this)

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