toString method

Any time that you need a string representation of an object, we use toString.

class jamesprogram {

public static void main (String[] args){

cat catObject = new cat(5,6,7);


public class cat {

// 3 private variables
private int month;
private int day;
private int year;

// constructor
public cat(int m, int d, int y){

// the reference 'this' below is a reference
// to whatever object we just built
System.out.printf("The contructor for this is %s\n", this);

public String toString(){
return String.format("%d/%d/%d", month, day, year);



The contructor for this is 5/6/7

Since ‘this’ is used, in the system.out.printf statement, it goes to look for the toString method, and returns this.

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