Aptana Studio 3 ‘invalid path’

To install different viewing browsers into Aptana Studio 3 do the following steps – this is on a MAC:

1) Click on the little black down arrow to the right of the Green button icon (the one with the white arrow on it)
2) Select “Run Configurations” from the drop down
3) Look on the left for “Web Browser” and click on whatever you see
4) On the right part of this pop-up, select the Browse button and look on your applications folder for your browser, e.g. “Google Chrome”, double click it
5) Now write “Chrome” in the “Name:” box at the top of the pop up, and click “Apply”
6) You will see this now appear on the left under the “Web Browser” list
7) Add your other browsers to this list doing the above
8) When you click on the arrow in (1), you will now see your list of browsers to use

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