Canons Digital Photo Professional Software

Canon’s raw file format is the best to take photo’s in as it allows the most adjustment.

Use the quick check tool to quickly review your shots. It allows you to rate them with stars. Put these then in your 5 star collection folder.

The RAW tab and the lense tab are the ones you’ll work most with.

1) Adjust expose with the brightness tab.
2) Check white balance with eye dropper tool. Touch it on a grey or neutral part of the image (like a grey/white cloud).
3) We can also adjust the colours with the ‘tune’ button.

We can convert a shot to mono if we want.

1) Select ‘monochrome’ from the picture style.

DPP is also great for retouching photo’s. Like removing dust.

1) Use the ‘stamp’ tool from the top menu bar, if the mark is darker than the background, use ‘repair dark’ icon

DPP also has ‘digital lense optimiser’ than can optimise your photograph based on specific data about the lense you used to shoot it with. This data can be downloaded from the internet.

DPP can really sort a photograph!

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