DIY E-liquid 10 : Tutti Fruiti

This is like recipe 9, but using 5% vodka diluted Boots VG

25% PG/ 75% VG (with 5% vodka in the VG)

Making 10ml

All flavours from FlavourArt

4 drops Passion Fruit
4 drops Forest Fruits
4 drops Pear
4 drops Pinapple
4 drops Blackberry
4 drops Strawberry
4 drops Citrus Mix

28 drops = 28/25 = 1.12ml (flavour in PG)

Nicotine 0.74ml (makes 4mg/ml in 10ml final solution)

So 1.86ml PG added so far

2.5-1.86 = 0.64 ml pure PG to add to make up to 2.5ml

Now VG, we need 7.5ml final

This time I’m only using 5% Vodka as I think it might be a bit thin at 10%.

= 0.375ml Vodka + 7.125ml Boots VG


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