DIY E-Liquid 12 – Caramel and banana pear fruity

DIY E-Liquid 11 was very nice, good flavour. Possibly a bit too much citrus. I’d like to have a bit more vapour though.

I’m going to do a similar but 50/50 PG/VG.

I’m going to make 20 ml of eliquid at 6 mg/ml Nicotine strength.
It also seems that Boots VG is just fine being diluted with 5% Vodka, this is high enough.

So Nicotine base is 54mg/ml

I want to dilute that 9 times to make 6mg / ml

So 1/9th of 20 ml = 2.22 ml Nicotine (Contributes as this volume of PG).

I want a final ml of PG of 10ml to make 50%.

So we now have 10-2.22 = 7.78ml of PG to Add.


20 drops of Caramel (Flavour Art)
5 drops Banana (Flavour Art)
20 drops of Green Apple (Perfumers apprentice)
20 drops Apple (Flavour Art)
6 drops of Blackberry (Flavour Art)
6 drops Passion Fruit (Flavour Art)
12 drops Pear (Flavour Art)
= 89 drops…. 75/25 = 3.56ml Flavour (PG)

So we now have 7.78 – 3.56 = 4.22 PG to ADD

For the VG, we need to add 10ml, but this will be diluted with Vodka at 5%.
So 5% of 10ml = 0.5ml Vodka + 9.5ml VG

That should make a nice flavoursome blend at 6mg/ml Nicotine.

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