DIY E-liquid 2 : Cherry Cola

OK, going to try my first Cherry Cola Recipe

Here’s the thought process in calculating the concentrations needed to help as a tutorial:

I want final 4mg/ml Nicotine, my base solution is 54mg/ml nicotine (in PG solution)

My final volume of solution is going to be 10ml

So to get to a 4mg/ml solution

=54/4 = 13.5 meaning we need to dilute the 54mg/ml nicotine solution 13.5 times

1/13.5 of 10ml = 0.74ml

So 0.74ml of 54mg/ml nicotine solution into a final volume of 10ml = 4mg/ml nicotine. This 0.74ml contains PG, so will contribute to our final PG concentration as well.

We are going to flavour this using

2 drops per ml Cola Flavour (from Flavour Art)
and 1 drops per ml Cherry Black Flavour (from Flavour Art)

20 ‘drops’ is considered to be 1ml, so when we add these to our mix, the flavourings will constitute 1.5ml of PG (30 drops).

So our recipe to make 10ml of cherry cola e-liquid at 4mg/ml nicotine is

0.74ml of 54mg/ml nicotine (PG)
1.5 ml flavourings (20 drops cola + 10 drops black cherry)
2.76 ml PG liquid
5ml VG liquid


This mix seemed to carry the flavour reasonably well. I think I’ll like to try a 70/30 VG/PG, and a 30/70 VG/PG with this flavouring mix next time. The 50/50 is giving a nice vapour plume. At 4mg/ml nicotine, there isn’t really any throat hit but I’m fine with that. Vaping for me is about giving up smoking/vaping all together, not getting into a new habit.

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