DIY E-Liquid 5: Fresh Apple and Cherry

I’ve been reading more about PG/VG mixes and having tried 70/30 and 30/70 mixes, I think it’s true that flavour does come out better with PG. The more VG you have the more vapour but the taste seems to be less perceived on the front of the tongue and more at the back.

I think a 50/50 mix is a better compromise.

VG is quite thick, and in my tests, even at 50%, but more so at 70%, it may be clogging the wick of my vapouriser a bit, so I’m going to use the Vodka method that I’ve read about online.

I’m going to make a 10ml quantity of 50/50 PG/VG, but the VG will be diluted with 20% Vodka. This means essentially that there is 50% PG, and 40% VG.

Here’s my quantities to make 10ml solution with 3mg/ml nicotine. I also measured yesterday and found that it’s about 25 drops to make a ml.


1ml Vodka
4ml VG

(the above is 5ml of 20% VG effectively)

Nicotine calculation:
My base solution is 54mg/ml in PG, I want final concentration of 3mg/ml.

54/3 = 18
Meaning I need to dilute my base solution 18 times to get 3mg/ml.

So, 1/18 of 10ml(my final quantity) = 1/18 * 10 = 0.55ml

So we add:
0.55ml of Nicotine base (this also contributes as 0.55ml of PG as the nicotine is in PG

10 drops of Apple (FlavourArt)
10 drops of Green Apple (Perfumers Apprentice)
20 drops of Black Cherry (FlavourArt)

Since 25 drop = 1ml, this means 1/25, or 1drop = 0.04ml. The above 40ml added contributes to 40*0.04=1.6 ml of PG

So far then, we have added 0.55ml+1.6ml of PG = 2.15ml PG

So we now need to make that up to 5ml of PG total to make our final 10ml;

So we now add
5 – 2.15 = 2.85ml of PG

That now completes this mix. I will let it settle and try it later.

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