DIY E-Liquid 8 : Toffee Apple – VG Glycerin (Glycerol) from Boots

I’m rewinding a bit here. For my, diluting VG with 10% Vodka ultimately makes it too wet because of the ‘steam’ produced that is detectable.

The VG I was using in the previous mixes was from ‘Liberty Flights’ and I’ve recently read that they already diluted – they say “Mixed at 90% VG to 10% water so as to be not too thick to use”. So I’ve been diluting the VG further when it doesn’t need to be!

Their VG cost £4.49 for 100ml but as I want to source my E-Liquid supplies from as reputable sources as possible (I have no idea where the Liberty Flights stuff comes from although I’ll add I do think they’re a reputable company and show good integrity) – I have got some VG from Boots the Chemist in the UK. This cost me £1.25 for 200ml, on the bottle it says “Glycerol 100% v/v”, I imagine this is very pure stuff. Furthermore, it comes in a glass bottle which I think is a much better idea to stop potential leaching of chemicals from plastics into the VG.

Calculating the E-liquid

I am going on the assumption that 25 drops is 1ml. I know lots of sites say 20 drops is 1ml, but in my tests, 25 drops is a better approximation.

As always, as you will have read on the forums, base nicotine solution is a dangerous substance, wear gloves when doing any procedure involving it, and keep in a secure container away from children. Do your own research and be safe.

I am going to make 6ml of E-liquid.

The flavour
Caramel 5 drops (FlavourArt)
Banana 5 drops (FlavourArt)
Apple 7 drops (FlavourArt)
Green Apple 8 drops (Perfumers Apprentice)
=25 drops= 25drops/25(drops to make a 1ml) = 1.00ml (this is 1.00ml PG approximately)

The nicotine
My base solution is 54mg/ml in PG(from Liberty Flights).
I want 4mg/ml final concentration in each 6ml batch.
54/4 = 13.5
This means I need to dilute the 54mg/ml nicotine 13.5 times to get the final 4mg/ml concentration.
So (1/13.5)*6ml = 0.44ml

So in total so far we have 1.00 + 0.44 = 1.44ml PG in the mix.

I want these mixes to be as high in VG as possible.


MIX 8a will be the above (1.44ml + 4.56 VG from Liberty Flights)
I am not adding Vodka to this as they’ve already diluted it with 10% water.

Mix 8b will be the above (1.44ml + 4.104 VG from Boots + 0.456 Vodka)
This is a 10% dilution of the Boots VG with Vodka.

Mix 8c will be the above (1.44ml + 4.56 VG Boots)
This is with NO dilution of the Boots VG (I’m guessing this mix might be too thick to wick properly).

These mixes are 24% PG/ 76% VG

The percentage of flavour used is:

x/100 * 6ml = 1ml ?

Re-arrange equation:

x = (1ml * 100) / 6ml



= 1ml flavour into 6ml total.

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