DIY E-Liquid 9 : Adams Apple Part 2


Having had a go with Boots glycerine, I like it. I think because it’s in a glass bottle, it tastes better than the stuff supplied by Liberty Flights (which I think has a bit of a plastic flavour – probably from the bottle?).

Diluting the Boots glycerine with 10% Vodka seems to make a nice mix. I’ve also noticed that the Boots glycerine (VG) seems to carry flavour a bit better than the Liberty Flights stuff but this is probably due to me using it at a slightly higher concentration than the pre-diluted stuff from LF.

I’m going to make 10ml of Adams Apple (modified) based on E-Liquid Recipe 8b. (Using Boots VG diluted with 10% Vodka), and wanting a final Nicotine concentration of 4mg/ml. I’m going away for a few days soon so it will be interesting to see if letting the mix rest for a while improves it.

To make 10ml of E-Liquid then:

I want my final mix to be 25% PG/ 25% VG (same mix concentration as the previous E-liquid 8, give or take a percentage)

Nicotine Calculation
Base solution = 54mg/ml in PG.
Final nicotine wanted = 4mg/ml.

Therefore: 54/4 = 13.5 = we need a 1 in 13.5 dilution of Nicotine
So: 1/13.5 of 10ml (final volume of E-liquid) = 0.74ml

10 drops Green Apple (from Perfumer’s Apprentice)
10 drops Apple (FlavourArt)
8 drops Spearmint (from Liberty Flights)

= 28 drops
Assuming 25 drops is equivalent to 1ml
28/25 = 1.12ml

The nicotine base and flavourings are in PG so we so far have 0.74+1.12 = 1.86ml PG in the mix

25% PG is what I’m aiming for, so 25% of 10ml = 2.5ml.

PG to add
2.5ml – 1.86ml = 0.64ml

VG to add
We now need to add 7.5ml of VG. However, we likely 10% Vodka dilution, so we will add:
0.75mlVodka + 6.75ml Boots Glycerine (VG).

That should make a nice Apple/Spearmint fresh tasting mix, PG/VG 25/75, with lots of vapour and 4mg/ml Nicotine.

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