DIY E-liquid Recipe 1 – Based on Adams Apple recipe

This is based on the Adams Apple recipe at

I ordered all my ingredients from

My version:

To a container, add:
1ml Base 54Mg/ml nicotine (base is already in PG)
2.75ml PG
3.75ml VG
0.5ml Water
20 drops Green Apple (from Perfumer’s Apprentice)
10 drops Spearmint (from Liberty Flights)

This makes about 9ml of mix. Making final 6mg/ml nicotine.

For my first attempt, this taste was fresh and smooth. I think the nicotine is still a bit high for my taste, so next time will halve the amount of nicotine to make a 4mg/ml nicotine mix. There was good vapour and taste so I think the PG/VG mix is about right. Since I think the flavours are in PG, my ratio was about PG/VG 4.75:3.75 so a bit more PG than VG.

I’m not sure the water (5%) was needed. Next time I will try with no water and aim for 50/50 PG/VG.

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