Stef Cola E-Liquid

Going to make 21ml e-liquid at 8mg/ml for Stef

Stock nicotine is 54mg/ml in PG

So we want 8/54 * 21 = 3.11ml Nicotine

Generally I use flavours at 2% but generally find 40 drops in 21ml to be good
40 drops of Flavour Art Aroma Cola (approx 0.6ml)

Now make up 3.11+0.42= 3.53ml up to 10.5ml = 6.97ml with PG

Now finalise volume by adding 10.5ml of 35% Vodka/65% Boots VG mix

I made Stef a Pina Colada and a Tutti Frutti (bubblegum) using the same recipe.

With my mixes, they are the same as above except I used 0.5ml Nicotine and 9.58ml PG, then top up an equal volume again with 35% vodka VG

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