Oakham School Lubeck Crowds trip

Hi, my name is James Froggatt and I was at Oakham School (Rutland) circa 1983 to 1989. I was on the school trip to Germany (Lübeck) with the play “Crowds”. I remember I played a soldier in the cast. Something really bad happened to me on that school trip, I can’t give any more details here as this is a public posting. If you are a teacher who was on that school trip, a member of staff, or another student, and have any idea what I am referring to, please contact me immediately through this blog. I need your help urgently.

James at Oakham School Germany Crowds trip circa 1987

Please contact me through the comments box with a way I can contact you. Your comment will not be published on my blog when you post, it will just allow you to contact me. At no point will your comment be published publicly and any information you give me will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Please, I need your help, so if you have any idea what I am referring to, PLEASE contact me immediately, even if at the time you suspected something was wrong but didn’t say or do anything.

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