To the person who sexually abused me

If you’re reading this, you know who you are. You made a very big mistake lying to the police. You wouldn’t have anticipated that the internet would exist when you abused me and unfortunately for you, I have used the internet to find others, at schools that you went to after the one I was at when you abused me. You see, you have a problem now. You’ve lied to the police and there’s not much going back from that. Furthermore, I’ve just told the truth, the whole truth (as much as I remembered), and nothing but the truth. I wasn’t surprised to be honest, that there are others, because people like you rarely target only one child during their life times if ever.

My simple advice would be to contact the police and tell them that you have lied about what you did to me, and furthermore, tell them about the other children you have messed about with, because I’m quite sure a judge isn’t going to look upon you in any favorable light considering you have taken it upon yourself to try and lie yourself out of your situation (which incidentally is not going to work) as opposed to taking responsibility for it, realise you have done wrong, and free your victims of the torment that you’ve created for all of their adult lives.

Don’t worry, I don’t think for one minute you’d follow my advice, it doesn’t matter to me any more. It’s all the same for me, the longer you lie, the more sentence you will get when you’re finally in court, so you’re simply doing your victims a favor now because ultimately you will face a much longer sentence and your victims will feel that more substantial justice has been done. I always thought sentences for people who sexually abuse children were very much on the short side so you lying is helping you get a sentence that is at least somewhere proportional to the damage that you’ve done. I admit, you actually deserve life, but lucky for you, UK law will not give you that until judges appreciate the true damage that children experience when they’re sexually abused. Perhaps, if I’m lucky, by the time overwhelming evidence crashes upon you (which is fast approaching), the law will see fit to give much longer sentences to people who do what you do, that will be true justice.

It’s time to face the music.

I will not rest until you face up to what you have done. I’m quite sure I will find even more victims, and will continue for as long as it takes. The internet and a little intelligence makes this task very easy. It really is amazing how many times your name is coming up simply by asking, ‘was there a teacher at your school who behaved inappropriately?’. Not even mentioning your name, or even hinting at your specific skills. Just that simple question.

Almost ALL of my memories have come back now, let me give you a few clues, I’m sure you remember these quite well;

-Standing by your desk in your office when I was just a little boy and you reached and touched me

-Sobranie Cocktail cigarettes

-Ice cold Schnapps

As they say, just the tip of the Iceberg, a very large Iceberg I’ll add. I bet you didn’t anticipate that I’d grow up and actually remember. You almost got away with it, I almost committed suicide over the emotional torment that you caused me during my 20’s, but unfortunately for you, I didn’t.

Good luck with trying to lie your way out of this, quite a gamble considering it’s so easy to track down your other victims. Perhaps it’s time to man up, and contact the police to tell them that you’ve lied so that you get a shorter sentence (if you’re lucky with a kind judge having lied to the police already).

Mark my words, I will NEVER stop searching for your other victims until justice has been done. NEVER.

Don’t feel satisfied for one minute that you’re continuing to hurt me. After 26 years of struggle, therapy and counseling for longer than I care to recall, I’ve survived, and my life is becoming the life it should have always been had you not done what you did. Getting justice now is just part of my life, a small part, a tiny tiny part, because you’re now the most irrelevant person on the planet to me. Fortunately, because I understand the internet quite well, I’ve got a lot done, and continue to, and will not stop, with very little time and effort spent.

It’s only a matter a time now before you get that knock at your door and officers of the law take you on the journey to face justice for what you have done. Perhaps you’re beginning to realise that lying to the police in the first place wasn’t such a good idea after all.

I honestly don’t know whether you confessing to the police now would make a difference to getting you a shorter sentence considering you’ve already lied, I really don’t know. I suspect it would because it would be seen as alleviating the suffering you’ve caused to your victims, which at the moment you seem to want to prolong. Which let’s face it, is evil and cruel in anybodies eyes. It’s very very wrong to sexually abuse children, but so disgusting to then not face up to what you’ve done and accept responsibility for your actions. Fortunately it seems that judges see it that way too.

I guess it’s up to you to gamble isn’t it. There will be more victims coming forward. I know you made me feel very special, but clearly I wasn’t that special considering what you were up to with other little boys after ‘our’ school.

You took my innocence, the only thing I have left after a very shitty childhood, you ruined the rest of my childhood, and damaged me to the extent that much of my adult life was to say the least, very challenging. Don’t think for one minute that I will stop until you face up to what you’ve done.

Don’t worry, no one could identify you from this message, only you. You know exactly who you are, because you sexually abused me. I remember it well now, and I know you, unlike me, never forgot it. It hurt me so much that I buried it deep within my mind for over 25 years, and suffered within myself for all that time. Are you happy that you did that to me?

This isn’t for the public to judge you (they’ll do that when the press hears about this), just the law itself which I know will be catching up with you soon enough. It’s just up to you now how bigger fall you want when it happens and that just depends on how much you believe lying will get you out of facing up to what you’ve done over the years. I’m very content with you continuing lying and falling from the highest point possible by the way.

If you think that lying will get you out of this, you are a VERY stupid man indeed.

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