An email to priceactiontradersinstitute

Just sent this email to a mentor called Kim…

Is this another scammer or someone… the ONLY one to date who is prepared to PROVE they are a real trader!? I hope Kim will prove she’s a real trader, if she does, she will be the first person EVER in 5 years of researching trading to PROVE she is in fact making consistent money from trading, not consistent money from subscriptions to mentoring (you know the 99.9% of people selling trading advice online!)..

I’ll update this post when I get a reply!

I really hope she IS genuine, by providing the proof I require as I really would love to be in touch with someone who can help me be consistently profitable.

Let’s see

Sent on 13th May 2014

I have been trading for 5 years, and have done many price action courses etc. etc… I’m sure you’ve heard the story before.

I am aware that most mentors online are scam artists and am yet to find a GENUINE consistently profitable trader – I have never yet come across a single online mentor that will provide PROOF that they are a consistently profitable trader. I always, without exception, so far receive silly excuses like ‘it’s personal financial information’ and more excuses that I can remember.

I am aware that I could literally write books on price action trading, and indeed other forms of trading and yet I would be misleading the public because I am not personally consistently profitable (although am aware I could easily fool the public into thinking that I am, and indeed am very proficient at trading).

I hope you don’t take offence to this but I am looking for a GENUINE, honest, profitable trader to teach me.

Would you please provide me with the last 2 years trading accounts so that I can see, for myself, that you are indeed an honest person before I spend more time with yet another guru who isn’t making money actually trading but making plenty conning the public.

Again, please don’t take any offence to my message, I’m sure you can understand I’m just tired of being conned.

Thank you


Well, I received a reply from her and had a bit of dialogue – no matter what I asked, she WOULDN’T give me a copy of her trading record. I did got a novel excuse though. So there you go, yet another online trader, teaching for $149/month, who won’t prove she’s making any consistent profits. I think I’ll keep my money! You decide!

Will ANY online ‘guru’/teacher of forex EVER give 2 years of trading data to PROVE they’re making money? I’ve NEVER come across one that will. I wonder why?… you decide.

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