Appraisal of existing website:

Time spent looking over or analysing your project before coding work begins, or discussion and developement of ideas for a brand-new project that you maywish to have developed. 60 euros/hour.

Website development:

Simple websites requiring little or no programming: 70 euros/hour.

Custom dynamic business websites that for example read data from databases, custom booking systems, e-commerce: 80 euros/hour.

Programming services

Work on existing websites, fixing code because of loss of functionality (a ‘broken’ website), or modification of functionality of existing custom websites : 80 euros/hour

Web security/ Ethical hacking

Appraisal of the code in your website to make a report of all the vulnerabilities of poorly written code, and modification of existing code in your website to protect your site from hackers.

If you are concerned about your website security, I can, with your permission of course, set to a process of ‘Ethical Hacking’ whereby I look for vulnerabilites in your website from the perspective of a malicious user. My rate for this is 90 euros/hour. When I find vulnerabilites, I will demonstrate these to you using screen sharing on Zoom, Skype, or Teamviewer so you can see live just how ‘open’ your site it to attack.

Vulnerability fixes once identified such as Cross Site Scripting attacks, SQL injection, password vulnerabilites to name just a few are carried out at a rate of 110 euros/hour.