Photo by Roozbeh Eslami on Unsplash

I am skilled in many programming languages used in the developement of serious-business websites. These languages include PHP, Javascript and script languages such as MySQLi for databases, including PDO. I am also skilled in database creation and many composite techniques such as AJAX.

In the industry, I am considered to be a full-stack developer – meaning I do not need to outsource any aspect of a coding project because I am proficient in all the languages required to complete the project. This leads to high efficiency because a single person manages the entire project from concept to production, and maintenance.

The creation of a business website without absolute attention to coding security issues is a sure-fire way to ultimately make your business fail.

Web security matters

From concept to production and beyond…

Always with an eye on high quality web security, to ensure your business idea and data are not ultimately stolen by malicious users/hackers, I am able to code your business idea for you to your exact specific needs. No matter what you need, I am able to deliver your project to highly professional and secure standards.

Fixing existing websites

You may have a website that was working, and for some reason has now lost some of its functionality, or is completely broken. I am able to go through your website, analysing the code, who the site works, and come up with solutions for fixing it.

Sometimes these fixes are simple function that have been deprecated (out-dated) and so don’t work with the latest and more secure version of PHP that has been uploaded to your server. Such fixes take some time because every programmer has a different way of doing things, and it’s my job to work out the thought process of the orginal person who coded the site in order to fix it.

Sometimes, coding is so bad that perhaps due to a hacking attempt or successful malicious penetration into your website, or data behind the website, the best course of action is a full recode or your business, to a much higher and professional standard to reduce these risks in the future.