I am able to deliver you a highly professional website design service to your exact requirements. Whether you are looking for just a one or two page website, or a large business website, I can meet you to discuss your needs. I am able to produce high quality websites of all types including;

Simple static websites

This is the type of ‘business card’ website that is simply an extension of you basic branding. It allows potential clients to view more about what you do. These types of websites are invaluable to small businesses.

Dynamic websites

These websites hold data in a database ‘behind’ the website. The website then uses this data to give the user a more dynamic and professional field. This type of website also extends into e-commerce type sites where products are actually being sold through the website.

I am able to program various programming languages including javascript, php, java, and also have solid experience using methodologies such as AJAX in order to give users a truly professional experience on your website.